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Tailormade individual tours to Near and Middle Eastern Countries

ARABICA Orientreisen is a small travel agency based in Basel (Switzerland) specialised in organizing individual tours to the Middle East. Clients will usually travel with their own private guide and driver.

We offer the following destinations:

North Africa and Middle East



Sudan (currently not possible)

Israel and Palestine


Southwest Asia




Please scroll down for a short overview on these countries, or click on the links above in order to reach the main website (in German) for each destination with more information, photos and videos as well as sample itineraries.


ARABICA Orientreisen was founded in 1998 and taken over by Susanne Roth in 2017.

Being a small travel agency, you will have just one point of contact and you will get a personal, tailormade itinerary based on your individual preferences. We aim to show you the cultural and natural wonders of the countries between Morocco and Central Asia and we try to give you an authentic experience. Whenever possible we avoid the big crowds. Our clients travel individually with their own private guide and driver, they choose their own travel dates and the itinerary is built according to their wishes.

We don't usually organize group tours, however for small, private groups we can of course create a tailormade program (maximum 15 people). For single travellers who wish to join a fixed departure group, we have some very good partners that organize this type of tour.

Susanne Roth has a Master's Degree in Near and Middle Eastern Studies as well as Ancient History from the University of Basel. When she ist not organizing tours for her clients, she is often travelling herself as a tour leader for Swiss hiking groups in various countries, including Morocco and Palestine.

Practical Information

What we can do for you:

  • Tailormade individual tours
  • We can help you to find a suitable group tour and book it for you
  • We can book the programs offered by most Swiss tour operators
  • Booking of international flights (free of charge in combination with land arrangement; for the booking of flights only a service fee will be charged)
  • You will get the necessary information on the immigration rules of the country you are travelling to, however you should apply for your visa (if necessary) yourself. If you want us to organize your visa, a service fee will be charged
  • Travel insurance is highly recommended and can be bought via ARABICA Orientreisen (only possible for people living in Switzerland)
  • Tour Leader: On request, I can join you during your trip and take care of all necessary organizational aspects during your trip, such as check-ins, coordination with local guides and giving background information from a more neutral perspective
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North Africa and Middle East

Morocco is one of the most diverse countries imaginable: You will find vivid cities bursting with beautiful buildings and palaces and bustling markets, you can go trekking in mountains and even climb the highest mountain of North Africa (4167 m) or you can experience the true desert feeling in one of several desert camps. If you prefer to travel completely independently, Morocco is also a good country to rent a car and do a self-drive tour. Last but not least, the Atlantic coast boasts beautiful white sand beaches well suited for beach holidays or surfing.

Egypt is one of the oldest, most traditional destinations for tourism - since antiquity! The main attractions for most travellers are of course the pyramids and the many other stunning remains of the pharaonic culture, usually combined with a Nile cruise. However, the country offers much more: Beautiful desert landscapes, hiking cruises on Lake Nasser in a private boat, desert oases and of course the Red Sea with its year-round warm water temperatures and some of the top ten dive spots in the world.

Sudan is still unknown and thus offers you the chance to travel far away from mass tourism. In Sudan, you can discover a truly authentic country, you will travel along the biggest river in Africa and discover the many remains of the "Black Pharaos" from ancient Nubia.

Israel and Palestine: The birth place for both Christianity and Judaism and the third most important religious site for Muslims, the two countries lie in a region peoples fought over during thousands of years. Today, Israel is not only an important pilgrimage destination but also a modern hight-tech country with excellent infrastructure, an active nightlife in Tel Aviv and bathing opportunities in the Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Dead Sea. Palestine however is one of the most hospitable arab countries with the possibility of homestays where you really get to know the lifestyle of local families (both muslim and christian ones). Susanne Roth personally leads a Swiss hiking tour to Palestine at least once a year.

Jordan is a rather unknown country, however it is one of the most recommendable countries in the Middle East: Politically stable, it offers a broad mix of desert castles, modern arabian markets and culture, relaxation at the Dead Sea or beach holidays at the Red Sea, desert feeling in Wadi Rum (one of the most beautiful desert valleys in the world), hiking in Dana biosphere reserve, christian pilgrimage sites and of course the famous Nabatean valley of Petra.

Southwest Asia

Turkey is a huge country that offers a variety of different kinds of holidays. Whether you prefer a short city trip to Istanbul, beach holidays at the mediterranean coast, a round trip to the most famous sites in Eastern Turkey uch as Cappadocia and Pamukkale or a tour to remote and authentic Eastern Turkey (maybe even in combination with Iran), the country will certainly not disappoint you.

Armenia and Georgia can easily be combined in one longer trip. You will get to know the ancient people of Armenia and its culture, many biblical sites, churches and monasteries, but also stunning landscapes and mountain sceneries. In a relatively small geographical area you may discover several climatic zones which bring about a great species richness. And did you know that those countries are also famous for their high quality wine production?

Iran has experienced a real touristic boom in the last years - and rightly so! There aren't many countries with a more hospitable and welcoming population and more diverse and breathtaking landscapes (you may find everything from deserts to mountains). Last but not least, Iran boasts not less than 23 world heritage sites!

Oman is a perfect country for first-time travellers to the islamic world. Thanks to its oil, the country was able to set up a modern infrastructure and perfect roads which are ideal for self-drive tours in a rental car. The people are rather quiet and reserved and won't hassle you even at the bazaar, there is nearly no criminality at all (people even adhere to the speed regulations when driving) and no political instability. Furthermore, the country offers many historical and cultural sites as well as some truly wonderful desert camps.

Central Asia

Uzbekistan is one of the most important parts of the ancient silk road and offers some of the world's greatest Islamic architecture. In Tajikistan, enjoy one of the greatest mountain drives all over the world, the famous Pamir Highway, or go for a hike or some other outdoor activities. Go to Kyrgyzstan if you like trekking (on foot or on horseback) in beautiful mountains with breathtaking views over blue mountain lakes and if you enjoy homestays in remote yurts, observing the families' daily life with their herds of sheep and horses. Kasakhstan and Turkmenistan are recommended for "advanced" travellers to Central Asia who want to see something else, or as it is described in the Lonely Planet guide book: Central Asia supplies a daily dose of the unexpected, but for the really odd stuff head for Turkmenistan and remoter Kazakhstan.

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